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Welcome to WarbirdPark.com. My name is Joe, and I am the website administrator. I built this site to honor all the men and women who served at not only Myrtle Beach Air Force Base, but who serve in our Armed Forces now.

As a retired Air Force veteran myself, my heart will always have a warm spot for the military.

Even though I was never stationed at MBAFB, but in 1981, I received Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders to report to the base. Those orders were rescinded and I ended up PCS'ing to Florida instead. My wife is a "military brat", her dad retired from MBAFB and decided to stay in the area. My wife and her brother graduated Socastee High School. After my AF retirement, we decided to move to Myrtle Beach. By then, the base had closed and was in a flux state with very little, if any, new development. The base was virtulally a ghost town. So much so, I taught my daughter how to drive on the small side streets of the base and the large dormitory area parking lot, that area is now Grand Park and the Grand Park Lake.

The former MBAFB is now Market Common, an urban self contatined living, shopping, and playing community. Market Common is absolutely beautiful, active, and well-maintained.

Grand Park is home to a state of the art baseball park, in-line skating hockey rink, large soccer fields, a running track and Crabtree gym. Valor Memorial Garden, located across the street from Grand Park Lake is a small park like area where numerous functions are held.

Shopping, restaurants, a large grocery store, and a movie theater make up the commercial area of Market Common. All are within easy walking distance of each other. On just about any given day, the sidewalks are filled with shoppers and walkers.

The housing communities are to numerous to mention, but are springing up and filling up quickly. The old military housing has been updated, refurbished to modern housing with all the conveniences. The city of Myrtle Beach runs a large "Barc Parc" for residents with dogs. A small section for those with smaller dogs, and a larger area for the larger dogs that contains a pond.

Before many of the housing developments popped up, my wife and I would enjoy walking our dog through the woods, one of our favorite routes took us past the old "ammo dump" storage area. Large concrete bunkers, covered with 5 or 6 feet of earth and large steel doors. Locals still refer to the area at 17 By-Pass and Farrow Parkway as "The Backgate" and the area at 17 Business and Ocean Boulevard as "The Frontgate".

Driving down Farrow Parkway, you can catch an old building not yet torn down, not to many of them are left though.

I hope you enjoy the site and if you have any pictures or stories to share, please send them along via the Contact form.



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