Are you interested in owning and running a fully grown and aged domain and website?

If so, drop us an email and let’s discuss how and all website content can be yours.  Purchase price is $500.

Income opportunities owning this site include: Google Adsense and affiliate links to products and services. Some of the affiliate programs used are, Tripster and Tripshock. You would need to join these affiliate programs and replace current affiliate links with your link code, if you intend on using these programs. Selling of advertising space to local businesses is also an income potential. Current owner has one outstanding local advertising  agreement. No guarantees are made in regards to income potential.

Purchase would include:

-Transfer of domain name to your domain registrar. Domain is currently registered at  Depending on your domain registrar, this could take several weeks. The easiest solution would be to set up an account at and do a “domain push”, which will take only days.

-Transfer of all website files, logo, and images to your web host.  Once transaction is complete, you will have 30 days to complete transfer to your web host.  Some web hosts will migrate your site for free,  some charge a fee. Purchaser may also migrate the site using the Duplicator  (or similar) plug-in. If you prefer to keep the site on its current server, which is a company paid Virtual Private Server (VPS), there is a $20 a month charge, which must be paid for six months in advance, for a total of $120. This cost is not included with the purchase price and will be a separate charge.  If you choose to use the current server, site must be moved at the end of the six months period. Sorry, but there will be no exceptions to the six months extension. I have listed some webhosting ideas at the bottom of this page.  I would highly recommend finding a webhost that specializes in WordPress.

-This transaction will be handled as a “gentlemen’s agreement”, no domain brokers or escrow will be used.  Purchaser will receive an invoice from Coastal Carolina Marketing LLC, which can be paid via credit card, through company’s secure Square account. Once payment is made, login information will be sent to the new owner.


Purchaser will need to replace all Goggle analytics, Adsense code, and any affiliate links.

The Avada WordPress Theme, is used to build this site and is licensed through Themeforest, a subsidiary of Envato. Licensing allows for notification and easy updates to the theme, and all associated plugins. If purchaser plans to continue using the Avada WordPress Theme, the license would need to be transferred. In that case, purchaser would need to establish an account with Themeforest in order to transfer license. If a different WordPress theme is used after purchase, seller cannot guarantee compatibility.

Currently, the only social media platform that is active is a Facebook page. You can visit the Warbird Park Facebook page here.

Any questions or for more information, please contact us via Contact form or call 843-602-8133 and leave a voice message.  We will return your call as soon as possible.



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